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Welcome to Animal Figurines Bird Figurines! Here you can find animal figurines and bird figurines at great bargain!
Excellent selection! You can find wolf, tiger, horse, cat, lion, dog, bird and lots of more.
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Animal and bird figurines are popular for decoration and collection. For people who love animals or birds, lovely figurines will bring much fun to your everyday life.
Why from us? At Animal Figurines Bird Figurines we are pleased to offer all kinds of animal figurines and bird figurines at a lower price. We carry an excellent selection of animal and bird figurines which you can hardly find anywhere else. And we will ship it quick!

Our animal figurines is highly collectible! The figurines are handmade and painted. For each design, our manufactures just produce a limit number of them. They will soon be unavailable. Collection of these figurines will be a smart way to invest your money.

Satisfaction guaranteed! Shopping at Animal and Bird Figurines and you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. You can return the product if you are not satisfied. Insurance will be purchased by us so in case it’s damaged, we can send you a new figurine or refund your payment.

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Bear figurines
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Rhino, Hippo & Buffalo figurines
Otter, Manatee & Seal figurines
Squirrel, Skunk, Raccoon, koalas and Monkey figurines
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We were having shipping delays due to a bat infestation, but that has been resolved. Yay, no more shipping delays. We want to give a special thanks to Atlanta Wildlife Removal for helping us solve our bat problem.